Proven Spots Ranch


The Mangalarga Marchador 
The Marchador is an amazing gaited saddle horse from Brazil ranging anywhere from 14.2-16hh these horses boast tremendous amounts of stamina, personable nature, and sound solid body free of degenerative breeding defects, we are proud to represent and compete on this incredible breed. These horses are used for endurance, dressage, mounted shooting, mounted archery, jumping, and even reining! With around 200 registered Marchador horses in the U.S. , we are proud to ensure the breeds future with our superior breeding stock.  





The Chilean horse


The Chilean horse comes from the mountains of Chile. They are a short and compact stock horse with superior breeding. They have been bred specifically for cow and rodeo work and have maintained a closed registry for OVER 375 years. They are highly competitive with solid minds. Ranging from 13.0hh to 14.2hh these stout little horses are super catty and are built to  get very low without breaking down. These horses are used for reining, barrels, cutting, roping and make fantastic solid childrens mounts.